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What is kidsitt?

kidsitt is your app for quick and easy childcare in your area. Developed by parents for parents and sitters, the app helps both parties to easily reach their goal.

Every kidsitter has been screened and interviewed by kidsitt before they can access and use the app as a kidsitter.

Download the app and try kidsitt.


How does kidsitt work?



Download the app.

Download the app for free for both Android and iOS from your app store.


Create your parent profile.

Simply tell us about your preferences, chose a payment method and you're ready to start.


Pick a time.

After you have picked the time you can start looking for available kidsitters in neighbourhood.


Book a kidsitter in your area.

Send several requests to sitters in your area and you will receive a confirmation from the available sitters,including prices and reviews from other parents. If multiple sitters confirm it’s up to you whom you choose. The others will receive a cancellation notification.

You can choose your favorite option out of our 3 subscription models: for 3 months (40.- CHF), 6 months (75.- CHF) or 12 months (130.- CHF).




Register here.

Fill in the interview form below. This way we can get to know you a bit better.


Let's get in touch.

We are looking forward to have a small talk with you via phone or Skype.


You get your kidsitter profile.

Download the app. After we create your profile you can start using it right away.


You will be booked by parents in your area.

When families in your area request you as a kidsitter, a notification will pop up on your smartphone. In the app you can see more details and accept or decline the request.

The family will choose one sitter. Once the family confirms you, you can add the booking to your calendar. After the job, you will be paid in cash or via app. For you our service is free.




Who is behind this?

Kidsitt GmbH was developed and founded in 2018 by 2 mothers – Nadine Moser Balas and Benedicte van der Beken.

As new mothers, Co-Founder Nadine Moser Balas, who has two children, and her former partner were in pursuit of good, reliable babysitters and didn’t know where to start their search. This platform was born as a result of a need they saw in the market. Since August 2019, Birte Büchsenstein, also a mother of two, joined Nadine as partner.

Nadine, a native of Switzerland, previously worked in a private bank in marketing and communications. Since founding kidsitt, she has gained significant experience in recruiting and family-time management. Birte Büchsenstein, a native of Germany, formerly worked in the project development with a focus on marketing and communications. Since her move to Switzerland in 2011, she has had the opportunity to work with many different international families taking a lead role in parent associations over the years.

Kidsitt not only connects families with babysitters in a seamless and convenient way, but also provides a carefully curated, hands-on process. Our deliberate selection approach aims at creating a community of highly qualified and reliable sitters. If a sitter does not reply to your request in a timely fashion or cancels on short notice or you require an active intermediary, the kidsitt team gets personally engaged. Our goal is to serve satisfied parents and satisfied sitters.
— Nadine and Birte
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